About us


I would like to take a moment to introduce our company and myself. My name is Andy Van Vooren. I taught school for five years and November '97, with my wife Diane and some great friends help, we opened Aero Hobbies.

I've been tinkering with R/C since I was 12 years old and began flying model helicopters in 1994. I started by running with a great group of guys who taught me how to fly. Being a teacher, I didn't have a world of money laying around for the hobby, but I loved those darn machines. I ended up working for these guys so I could support my new habit. I worked this second job as the "Sunday guy" and as a flight instructor for both airplanes and helicopters, all the time thinking what a great job this is. After a few years of learning the ropes in the hobby biz, I decided to do it full time. So here I go!

Diane and I set out to recreate what had been my experience the first time I walked into a helicopter shop. You could just tell they loved helicopters because enthusiastic guys behind the counter instantly greeted us. They got you excited about the hobby and made you want to fly. I would always come home and describe the place as being like Cheers (where everyone knows your name).

Well, now it's my turn. We are a full fledge hobby shop with planes, quads, cars, and boats. But when you walk in the door you know you're at home if you fly, or want to fly helicopters. We've got a big table that invites you to work on your machine or just simply hang out.

Diane and I have met the best friends we have ever had through the hobby, and we meet new ones every day. So, if you are in the Dallas area, look us up! We're just about 5 minutes north of DFW Airport on Hwy 121 business in Lewisville. We're easy to find. Just look for the 47 foot long Yellow Awning.

19 years later we are still going strong. We are here to help you with this great hobby.

Come in, pull up a chair, and let's talk hobbies awhile.

Andy and Diane Van Vooren