Fusion 270 BNF Basic

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The Blade® Fusion™ 270 BNF® Basic helicopter begins a new era of high-end Blade products, with all the features, style, and performance intermediate through advanced customers demand. This powerhouse features a lightweight and strong carbon fiber frame and landing gear, black anodized aluminum components, and an all-new, high-torque 4S optimized power system. Combined with Spektrum™ metal gear servos, helical main gear and the durable belt driven tail design, there is nothing stopping you from trying the most aggressive maneuvers imaginable. If you push things a little too far, the Fusion 270 is equipped with a Spektrum AR636A flight controller with SAFE® Technology Panic Recovery mode to prevent a crash. For seasoned pilots, the Fusion 270 delivers leading-edge heli action straight out of the box leaving the competition missing in action.

SAFE® Technology with Panic Recovery 
The Panic Recovery feature allows pilots to prevent a crash and recover the heli to level flight at the press of a button. 

Spektrum™ AR636 Receiver 
Newly refined algorithms within this receiver and 6 axis flybarless system make the Fusion 270 handle with cutting -edge precision and stability. New aluminum lower case on the receiver offers improved dampening increases tolerance to vibration. 

Carbon Fiber & Anodized Aluminum Construction 
Stylish black anodized head, swashplate, servo block, and blade grips give a high-end finish that stands out from the pack. Rigid carbon fiber and aluminum frame construction features carbon fiber landing gear for a new stance that is light and durable. 

Optimized Servo Geometry 
Proven optimized servo geometry provides exceptional response and control, while improving servo efficiency and minimizing mechanical loss to the swashplate. 

Spektrum™ High-Speed Metal Geared Servos 
High speed metal geared servos drive the cyclic and tail, featuring robust gear movement and digital precision to meet the demands of this flybarless machine. 

Oversized Mechanics 
Triple ball-bearing support offers the oversized main shaft, spindle and blade grip components the ability to deliver the precision of Blade optimized servo geometry even under heavy flight loads. 

Belt-driven Tail 
A robust belt driven tail design provides rock solid tail performance and control, while minimizing collateral gear damage in a crash. 

New Tail Case Assembly 
Newly designed tail case and new metal pulley tail shaft with larger bearings reduces vibrations and adds durability and support. 

New ESC 
The all new, 45A brushless ESC with built in governor is provides reliable performance tuned for a 4S power system. 

Redefined Power System
Optimized power system utilizes common 4S 1300mAh batteries to drive a top-mounted 2950Kv brushless motor. 

Helical Main Gear 
Low wear and quiet main gear provides consistent power and rotation in a more durable design. 

High Visibility 
Newly designed fiberglass canopy features a bright trim scheme and matching vertical fin for unsurpassed visibility. 

You will need...
6+ Channel Spektrum™ Transmitter 
1300mAh 14.8V 30C Li-Po Flight Battery 
Appropriate Li-Po Battery Charger

Type: Collective Pitch Flybarless
Main Rotor Diameter: 615mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 162mm
Gross Weight: 626g
Length: 560mm
Main Gear Ratio: 11.25 to 1
Kit/ARF/RTF: BNF Basic
Rotor Blade Length: 270mm
Recommended Environment: Outdoor
Is Assembly Required: No

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