Reef Racer 2 RTR Boat Yellow A4

This is the Aquacraft Reef Racer 2 Deep-Vee Ready-To-Run electric powered boat kit.

FEATURES: Hull: ABS molded pre-joined and pre-painted deep-vee type with detailed deck and driver figure, pre-applied                        decals, self-righting hull design automatically recovers from rolls and flips

                 Motor: Water cooled 380 size

                 Electronic Speed Control: Forward only

                 Hatch: Rubber sealed, secures with two twist-on latches

                 Waterproof Receiver Box: Included Propeller: 1 x 1.58, nylon

                 Radio: 2-channel FM pistol grip with one mini servo Battery:

                 6 cell 1100mAh NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery pack Battery Charger: 30 minute 12V field charger        

                 Warranty: 90 Day, limited INCLUDES: One Aquacraft Reef Racer 2 Deep Vee Ready-To-Run powered boat with 2                    channel radio, one servo, Electronic Speed Control, 6 cell battery, 12V Field Charger, illustrated instructions                            REQUIRES: Eight AA batteries for the radio SPECS:

                 Hull Type: ABS plastic Length: 15" (380mm) Beam (width): 5.3" (145mm)
                 Height: 4" (101mm) Prop Diameter: 1 x 1:58

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