107 Class Registration July 15th Austin

107 Class Registration July 15th Austin

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This 8-hour course is designed for the busy individual that has either started preparing for the FAR 107 Remote Pilot Written Exam or needs a refresher.

Based on the FAA Recurrent FAR 107 Testing requirements, this Flight Instructor led course will lead you through the major topics on which you will be tested during the UAG exam such as:

· Applicable regulations relating to small unmanned aircraft system rating privileges, limitations, and flight operation
· Airspace classification and operating requirements and flight restrictions affecting small unmanned aircraft operation
· Emergency procedures
· Crew resource management
· Aeronautical decision-making and judgment
· Airport operations
· Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures
· How to register to take your FAR 107 written exam

This comprehensive and informative course will require some self-study on the part of the student. As always, you will have access both before and after the course to Gold Seal Certificated Flight Instructor and Remote Pilot Lloyd Wright when questions arise


Click here for Study materials to get the most out of the class.

The class will be taught by Lloyd Wright ATP, Gold Seal CFII, MEI


Contact Lloyd@WATaerial.com or call 214-912-7306 for more information.




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